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Tiling Services

When the home owner is having a new kitchen installed for example, one of the most important things to consider is tiling.
Quite often, the area has been tiled with what would now be considered as an out of date tile.
This can lead to an unfinished look, once a new kitchen or bathroom has been installed.

At Kinsella Home Improvements, we can strip all the tiles from your walls and floor before your new kitchen or bathroom has been installed.
It is always recommended, to lay floor tiles before anything is installed.
Too many times, we have seen tiles laid after kitchen or bathroom installations.
This can lead to problems at a later stage, if the home owner decides to make further changes to the home.

It is possible,for example, that a toilet or sink may have to be replaced.
In this case, unless an exact match can be sourced, there could be a gap left in the tile work.
To avoid this, floor tiles are always laid before any installation.
We use a quality flexible adhesive and grout to fit our tiles.

We can supply a large range of wall and floor tiles to suit the home owner's needs.
The range of tiles can include glazed or standard tiles with different colours and textures.
We will take care of that entire tiling job for you.
Just tell us what you want during our consultation, and we will do the rest.

Once your new kitchen or bathroom has been installed, you will be delighted that you took that extra step and replaced your tiles.
We can also return and tile walls for you, once your new kitchen work tops have been fitted.

Why choose Kinsella Home Improvements?

Over 35 years expertise

David and his team have over 35 years experience in all types of home renovations.
We can make any improvement to your home.
All works in all areas of your home are carried out to the highest standards by our professional team.

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