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Plastering Service

At Kinsella Home Improvements, we can plaster any part of your home, both inside and outside for you.
Our plastering is done to the highest standards, and is always left ready for painting.

Is there damage to your walls or ceilings from ware and tare?

We are all aware of the amount of inadvertent damage that can be done to the home over the years by family.
In some cases, there will be the need to replaster an entire wall.
However, you might just want to repair that area in the home that is slightly damaged.
We will plaster this for you, sand it down and leave it ready for painting.

Do your ceilings have stipple on them?

One of the most annoying things about older homes, is the stippling on the ceilings.
At the time, it seemed to be a good idea.
However, home owners have discovered, that this takes quite a bit of maintenance where painting and cleaning is concerned.
At Kinsella Home Improvements, we can remove this from your ceilings.
We then use a special compound known as thistle bonding.
Once this has been applied, we will plaster your entire ceiling.
If the ceiling is bonded first, the plaster will have a much better hold to the surfaces.
This negates the need to reslab your ceiling.

Is the outside of your home damaged in some way as a result of weathering over the years?

Outside plaster work can crack over the years due to things like expansion of bricks during the winter.
If your outside walls have cracks in them, water can turn to ice, and crack the plaster work.
We can replaster this for you also.
In our experience, this is better accomplished during the Summer months.
It allows the plaster to be more easily applied, and it dries at a constant rate, thus avoiding further problems.

Are your garden walls currently just brick-work?

We can plaster those outside walls for you, giving your garden area a fresh look.
All our plastering work is done to the highest standards, using quality materials.

Have you had some electrical work done in your home, and the area just filled in as a temporary measure?

This can always look out of place, no matter how many times the home owner paints it.
We can remove this, sand it, replaster it and leave it ready for painting.
Once painted, it will look exactly the same as the rest of the original area.

Why choose Kinsella Home Improvements?

Over 35 years expertise

David and his team have over 35 years experience in all types of home renovations.
We can make any improvement to your home.
All works in all areas of your home are carried out to the highest standards by our professional team.

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