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Home Extensions

The opportunity of creating additional space in the home usually rates highly on the home owner's agenda.
If you are happy living in your locality, with a good support network and community around you, why would you want to move anywhere else?
Most homes can benifit greatly from a smart extension that will not only add value, but will greatly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of the property.
Before considering an extension, it is important to take the time to carefully evaluate the existing foot print of the home.
We will discuss, with the home owner, how the existing space is being fully utilised, or not, as the case may be.
During this discussion, we will also go over what spaces in the home are being used to their full potential.
We will then look towards making the overall home function for the home owner(s) to suit their family and life style needs.

Extending your home

Depending on your life style, you probably have a wish list of what exactly you would like to do with your extension.
You may, for example, be hoping for a larger and brighter open-plan kitchen.
Perhaps, a practical room such as a wc, utility, play room or office.
Storage is often verry important on a wish list.
It is important not to try to incorporate too much into the actual extension, but to insure, that it fits in well with the overall foot print of the home.

Why choose Kinsella Home Improvements?

Over 35 years expertise

David and his team have over 35 years experience in all types of home renovations.
We can make any improvement to your home.
All works in all areas of your home are carried out to the highest standards by our professional team.

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