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Plumbing Services

Working with our partners, who are highly qualified and certified, we deliver a service that can be totally relied upon.
Our highly qualified plumbers are registered installers with board gais and R.G.I. fully insured.
We can also provide services for oil boiler installations and servicing.
If there are previous problems with any plumbing in your home, we can take care of these as well.
Some of the plumbing needs during your home improvement may include:

  • Shower fitting.
  • Shower pumps.
  • Disconnection and reconnection of gas, radiators and kitchen appliances.
  • Installation of new hot water cylinders, thermostatic valves and replacement radiators.
  • Removal and installation of new pipe work for any of the above mentioned.
  • Full rebalancing of heating systems.

Do you require a new gas/oil boiler?

We can also provide and install this in your home as well. while doing this, we can also clean out your old heating pipe work.
If you have your own preference when choosing a new boiler, we can advise you as to whether it is suitable or not for your home depending on your requirements.
We can also convert your home from oil to gas if required.

Do you want to keep your old radiators?

If so, we can fully clean them out as well. However, should you require it, we can fully replace and install new ones of different types and sizes.

Why choose Kinsella Home Improvements?

Over 35 years expertise

David and his team have over 35 years experience in all types of home renovations.
We can make any improvement to your home.
All works in all areas of your home are carried out to the highest standards by our professional team.

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