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Garage Conversions

Garages, whether part of your home or a stand-alone structure are mostly devoted to storage space.
If you free up this space, your garage could be transformed into valuable living space, either for use by the home owner, or perhaps to rent.

When compared to the cost of a new extension, garage conversions can be significantly cheaper, and in some cases, they can provide exactly what the home owner needs, e.g. utility room, play room or office space.
A well planned and successful garage conversion will not only dramatically increase the value of your home, it will also allow you to enjoy the additional space without the need to extend.

Not all garage spaces are the same, but they can be similar in many ways.
For example, most usually lack any form of insulation, natural lighting and the heating boiler could also be located here.
With careful design consideration, this space can be dramatically modified into something you never thought could exist.
Once we survey your garage, we will have a full discussion with you to go through the various options open to you, in line with your budget.
This could include:

  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Entry points
  • Window placement

With the proper planning permission, you can put in that second floor you always wanted.

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