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At Kinsella Home Improvements, we have endeavoured to make our web site as accessible as possible.
The following are some tips for using our site with accessible software.

Main page

The slide show on the main page can be stopped by clicking the "pause" button.
If necessary, the slide show can be restarted by clicking the "play" button.
The various pictures can be navigated by the "previous" and "next" buttons. Screen readers will report the pictures as "graphic picture1" and so on until the maximum number of pictures has been reached.
The numbers will then start again.
Stopping the slide show will enable users of screen readers to navigate the page more easily.


All parts of the site can be visited by links.
At the end of each page, there is a "return to home page" link.
This means that the user will not have to try to find the "home" link every time they wish to return to the main page.

Filling in forms

On form input fields, the labels associated with them will inform the user as to what is required.
The requirements for any form are explained at the start of the form to be filled in.
If there is an error when the form is submitted, users will be focused on that error to indicate the problem.

Please be aware, that for screen readers such as jaws, a "invalid entry" error will be reported before anything is input to the relevant field.
Unfortunately, at the moment, this is out of our control.
To our knowledge, screen readers have not addressed this problem yet.

General guidelines

All fields/buttons/links that require user interaction can be activated by use of the keyboard if required.
If you find something that does not conform to accessibility standards, please contact us.

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