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Insulation Service

During a home improvement, one of the most important things to remember is how well your home is insulated.
Quite often, home improvements are carried out on homes that are old, and have verry little to no insulation present.
This will result in problems such as damp and loss of over 70% of heat.

We can strip your external walls back to their original brick-work, and fully insulate them to the latest B.E.R. standards.

Is it always cold upstairs in your home?

This can be caused by little to no insulation in your attic space.
Most home owners use their attics for nothing more than storage.
In fact, most attics are not suitable for conversion, and as a result, are simply used to put unwanted clutter away.

Regardless of its use, insulation is of primary importance.
A lot of home owners do not realise, that a great deal of heat can be lost through the roof space.

We can install specialised insulation, specifically suited for attic spaces.
If an extension has been added to the home, it too, could be loosing heat as a result of poor insulation in the ceiling space.
We will take down your old ceiling, fully insulate it to B.E.R. standards and fit new materials to it.
Once finished, the home owner will see their ceiling as it was, but with one important difference.
Now, no heat is escaping through this space, and there will be no sign of damp.

Insulation throughout your home will have a significand effect on your heating and maintenance bills.
You could reduce your heating bill by as much as 30% throughout your home.

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David and his team have over 35 years experience in all types of home renovations.
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All works in all areas of your home are carried out to the highest standards by our professional team.

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